Underage Drinking Prevention

Education Project

Working Together to Prevent Underage Drinking

In the Spring of 2015, VAHPERD received funding from the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health Services, through the VCU Center for School Community Collaboration, to coordinate a short term media education campaign to prevent underage drinking, which is a significant public health concern. VAHPERD’s campaign is being managed by Collective Health Impact, LLC  in collaboration with the Virginia Department of Education.

The campaign’s core strategies have been to provide:

  • radio PSAs, billboards, bus boards, and educational materials to:
    • encourage parental involvement in alcohol conversations with their teens,
    • provide education on the law, and
    • discourage social hosting of underage alcohol use by parents, teens, college students, and other community adults;
  • a social media campaign, Choose Your Vibe VA, to celebrate alcohol-free lifestyles of Millennials;
  • instructional resources for use by Virginia’s health and physical education teachers.

Resources for Parents

It is a fact that parents are the key to good decision making related to drinking and driving.


Resources for Schools & Campuses

VAHPERD is engaging schools and campuses in preventing underage drinking and driving.


Virginia Resources

Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
MADD Virginia
Virginia ABC
Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program
Virginia Rules
Community Coalitions of Virginia